WATCH is an idea born out of long hours of contemplation on our journeys into the forests. It is inspired by our experiences in the wild.

It is Travel Scope’s attempt to highlight the diversity of India’s forests and wildlife, the challenges faced in protecting and conserving it and the opportunity that it brings for travellers to experience and learn. We remain eternally thankful to everyone who has helped us in this endeavour. Right from conceiving the term WATCH, to contributing with precious content, to sharing priceless photos of wildlife. We have been fortunate to visit several National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Many of these are lesser known or even unknown to the world. Join us as we continue to WATCH-fully explore and discover India’s wildlife and wilderness.

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A slow evolving labour of discovery,

W.A.T.C.H has taken its time to unfold simply because the man on the four-by-four has taken his time to discover, assimilate and fall in love. So if seeing a tiger in the wild is your ‘thing’ for India, we recommend your look for this online – your key word would be ‘tiger tourism’.

Or would you gently to explore forests, be enlightened about myriad relationships in rich eco-systems, behold sweet smelling Mahau ( Madhuca indica) on the forest floor and its effect on the spotted deer population, its relation to healthy tiger numbers, a tiger’s relationship with their cousins – the leopards, and their collective association with the communities that live close to their habitat ?

For this you would need time and patience, to wait and W.A.T.C.H.

Mohan, our founder says…

In the last two decades, I have frequently visited several National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries in India with people connected closely with Nature, Wildlife and Conservation. Passionate and knowledgeable naturalist guides have ensured that I have fallen in love with the jungles again and again, by decoding the forests and talking to me about animal behaviour and conservation challenges. From termite mounds to pug marks of the wild cats, from grasses to unique species of trees and the forest dwelling tribes, everything in the jungle is connected, a fact that naturalists could highlight in a special way.

This helped me understand and appreciate what one can see in these beautiful forests rather than getting lost in search of the elusive. I began to understand the importance of every element of the forest that played a crucial role in preserving and sustaining this eco-system. This continued passage through the forests and love for nature and wildlife led me to launch WATCH – an acronym for Wildlife, Adventure, Tribes, Conservation & Habitat. 

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For, to love the wild one has to love the outdoors and have the infinite ability to wait and watch.

What then unfurls are amazing moments of courage and survival, nature in glorious presentation.

W.A.T.C.H is an endeavour that focuses on every aspect of the Indian forests including wildlife and people, their crafts and traditions, their day to day living, conservation practices that are traditional, sustaining and inclusive; as also everything aligned with and inspired by nature.



Giving back has always been at the core of W.A.T.C.H’s values and beliefs.

We extend support to initiatives that are focussed on protection of children’s rights, education for the poor and underprivileged, women’s empowerment through sustainable employment, rescue and rehabilitation of animals, waste management, wildlife protection and habitat conservation.  

W.A.T.C.H. offers alternate solutions for single use plastic bottles and have eliminated all activities involving working animals on our tours.